M&A Consulting



A business transaction can appear to be a daunting task, but with the proper team in place each step can be completed smoothly and successfully.  The Bellwether team has the experience to work with your company before the transaction begins, to help ensure accurate and clean reporting, review and analyze controls and processes in place, and to develop a plan for necessary improvements. This is a vital step in ensuring a successful transaction.

due diligence support

Is your growing firm ready to acquire or merge? This growth can be one of the fastest ways to experience growth, both financially and geprgaphically; however, there are substantial risks that should first be evaluated.  As a Buyer, Bellwether can assist in the due diligence process to scope out and review the financial health of your target company.  This includes on-site visits, due diligence analysis packets, and conference calls to discuss any relevent issues.

due diligence representation

Confidentiality and timeliness are two of the most important factors through the due diligence process.  By engaging with Bellwether for due diligence support on the buyer side, your staff and accounting team can remain removed from the process while still ensureing the timely delivery of requested documents.  The presentation of your financials and company value should always be considered in how requests are answered, and Bellwether has the experience to assist with this message.